Cypriots trust EU more than government

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Although happy with their standard of living, Cypriots have a gloomier economic outlook than most Europeans and trust their government less than they do Brussels, according to a Flash Eurobarometer on public opinion.

Despite the pandemic, EU citizens consider the quality of life and the state of the economy in the European regions to have slightly improved.

Eight in ten Europeans (72% in Cyprus) said the quality of life in their region is good (representing an increase of three percentage points since 2018, a 5 pp increase in Cyprus).

And 68% (43% in Cyprus) said the situation of the economy in their region is good (+2 pp since 2018, -5 pp in Cyprus).

Due to its small size and relatively small population, Cyprus is considered a single district for statistical purposes.

The Eurobarometer provides data only on the country level for Estonia, Latvia, Luxembourg and Malta.

Seven in ten respondents (48% in Cyprus) said they are optimistic regarding the future of their region (+3 pp, +1 in Cyprus).

Furthermore, 61% said they tend to trust the European Union (stable compared with 2018).

In Cyprus, this percentage stood at 55%, rising by two percentage points compared to 2018.

Asked whether they tend to trust their national government, 44% in the EU responded that they do (+1pp).

In Cyprus, it was a lower 32% (a drop by 11 percentage points).

Respondents said the most important issue facing their region is the economic situation and unemployment (33%), followed closely by health (24%), the cost of living (23%), and the environment and climate change (22%).

In Cyprus, the most important issues were the economic situation and unemployment (45%), the cost of living (31%), health (29%), the educational system and migration (both 23%) and the environment and climate change (15%).

Also, 57% of respondents said they were satisfied with the measures taken by the EU to fight the coronavirus pandemic (56% in Cyprus).

And 55% of respondents said they think that NextGenerationEU will be effective in helping to tackle the challenges facing the EU (58% in Cyprus).

Almost one in two (52% in Cyprus) respondents believe the European Green Deal will be effective in helping to tackle the challenges facing the EU.

The Flash Eurobarometer was conducted through phone interviews with 62,636 respondents in 194 regions in the 27 EU Member States.

The sample for Cyprus was 504, and the survey took place between 20-23 September.