Difficult to ban pro-Russia events

The freedom of assembly is a constitutionally safeguarded right, meaning it would be difficult for authorities to prevent any pro-Russia events as requested by the Ukraine-Cyprus friendship group. But restrictions could be


Unemployment above EU average

Last year, the unemployment rate of people aged 15-74 in Cyprus was 6.8%, a little higher than the EU average (6.2%), according to Eurostat data. The unemployment rate among the young was


France wants to beef up European defence

Paris sees the need to beef up Europe’s defence industry as continuing European military aid to Ukraine is crucial. The European Political Community (EPC) takes place on June 1 in Chisinau, Moldova, where

EU tells Cyprus to reduce fossil fuel use

The European Commission recommends that Cyprus speeds up the implementation of its recovery and resilience plan by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and developing electricity interconnections. The country-specific recommendations in the 2023

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