Cypriots distrust institutions

Political institutions, including the government and parliament, fail to instil trust among Cypriots as parties gear up for the Presidential Elections in February 2023. According to a recent survey, two institutions that

Most Cypriots don’t blame Russia

Cyprus is the only country in the European Union where a majority disagrees that Russia is responsible for the conflict in Ukraine, while over half of Cypriots do not support sanctions against


A vote of no confidence

While the world frets about another war in Europe, the government has picked an opportune moment to pedal its proposals for confidence-building measures. President Anastasiades said he was to tell European leaders


140 Cypriots in Ukraine

A total of 140 Cypriot citizens who live permanently or are temporarily in Ukraine are registered on the platform of the Cyprus Foreign Ministry. Due to the further escalation of tension in the


Cypriots want EP to safeguard democracy

Cypriots believe defending democratic values should be the European Parliament’s top priority, according to EP Autumn 2021 Eurobarometer published Tuesday. In Cyprus, 89% said they would like to see the EP play

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