Cyprus ‘strongest supporter’ of Serbia’s EU hopes

Cyprus is the strongest supporter of Serbia’s European path, President Nikos Christodoulides said during a two-day visit to Belgrade. On Serbia’s European aspirations, President Christodoulides said that Cyprus is the strongest supporter of Serbia’s European path.


HALLOUMAKI case crashes in EU court

The EU General Court has closed a case between Greek company Kolios AE and a group of Cypriot processors and producers of sheepmilk and goatmilk over its intention to register the logo

Cypriots save 6.5% of disposable income

People in Cyprus saved only 6.5% on average of their disposable income, half the EU average of 12.7%, according to Eurostat non-financial sector accounts 2022 data. Saving rates were significantly lower than


New asylum claims drop 33% but still high

The number of first-time asylum applicants in August dropped 33% in Cyprus, but despite the drop, Cyprus still had the highest ratio of asylum applicants per population. Meanwhile, according to monthly asylum


EU disposable income improves

EU annual median disposable income has risen to 18,706 of purchasing power standards per inhabitant from €18,011 PPS, while Cyprus is above the European average. At the national level, the EU countries with the highest

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