Government supporting blue growth

With policies and actions, the government is supporting the fisheries sector and the prospects of blue growth, such as the €11 mln Liopetri fishing shelter upgrade, said President Nicos Anastasiades. He laid

Tackling inflation government’s biggest task

The Cyprus Economy and Competitiveness Council (Ecompet) outlined medium-term and long-term proposals to tackle inflation via innovation investment. The Council said that due to the seriousness of inflation, it established a committee

Government failed to make COVID grade

Cypriots’ trust in government reached rock bottom during the pandemic, as they were disappointed with authorities’ response to coronavirus. According to Eurofound’s latest survey, public trust towards the government during the pandemic

Government welcomes passing of biggest budget

The government welcomed parliament approving the 2023 state budget, the last tabled by the 10-year administration of outgoing President Nicos Anastasiades. The President extended his gratitude to most parliamentary parties for voting

From junk to jewel

Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides made a bold declaration this week, telling investors that Cyprus can be a financial hub in the eastern Mediterranean and very soon become a ‘triple A’ economy. But


Government blasts EAC strike as anti-consumer

Cyprus Electricity Authority staff staging a 12 hour-strike Wednesday were accused of exploiting the pre-election period at the public’s expense. Trade unions are protesting the government’s “unwillingness to hire the necessary staff


A government that keeps on walking

Earlier in the week, President Anastasiades almost admitted he had made mistakes during his 10-year tenure but said his reforms would stand the test of time. He didn’t ponder his political misdemeanours,

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