Government wants answers on football violence

President Nicos Anastasiades wants to see the police report on the incident of football hooliganism, during which 20-year-old bystander Evripides Frangou was left with burns covering 45% of his body. Several days

COVID boosted government staff hires

The number of government staff increased by 2.3% as demand for substitute teachers and other public sector jobs reached an all-time high, as people recovered from COVID-19 or stayed home to look

Government committed to national minimum wage

President Nicos Anastasiades’ administration remains committed to introducing a national minimum wage before the end of its term, reaffirmed Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou. Following a meeting of the Labour Advisory Body set


Cyprus has EU’s highest stock of NPLs

Cyprus has the EU’s highest stock of non-performing loans (assets) of the general government, according to Eurostat data. The share of non-performing loans over the country’s GDP stood at 28.3% in 2020,


Government welcomes belated whistleblower law

The government on Friday welcomed MPs approving the bill on protecting people who blow the whistle on corruption after a six-year delay. Implementation of the law is expected to enhance transparency and

Government supplying north with electricity

The Cyprus government will continue to supply the Turkish-occupied north with electricity until 4 January to prevent power outages. CNA said that a request was made on Wednesday after the previous agreement between

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