Zombie government and private jets

If we are lucky enough, we might spot the zombie government slowly waking up from its summer hibernation combined with effortless inertia to leave the country on auto-pilot. It seems to be


Government unhappy over foreclosure freeze extension

Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides expressed the government’s disappointment at parliament’s decision to freeze property foreclosures until the end of October, despite repeated warnings. On Thursday, MPs amended laws governing the transfer and

COVID19: Government mulls extra measures

Authorities will not hesitate to reinstate more COVID-19 measures following the reintroduction of face masks if cases continue to rise, Health minister Michalis Hadjipantela warned. “We are waiting to hear scientists’ feedback,

Government surrender over energy price surge

While consumers brace for another wave of energy and fuel price hikes, the government is throwing in the towel, claiming it has run out of ammunition to contain costs. Finance Minister Constantinos

First Culture Minister appointed

Yiannis Toumazis was appointed on Monday as Cyprus’ first Deputy Minister of Culture, which President Nicos Anastasiades described as a landmark step. During the ceremony, President Anastasiades said the establishment of the

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