Energy firms ‘back’ government strategy

Cyprus’ strategy to supply natural gas for power generation coincides with the policy of international companies invited to a workshop organised in Nicosia, said Energy Minister George Papanastasiou. Papanastasiou rebuked negative reports in the Cypriot


Energy landmark for government policy

The energy workshop taking place in Nicosia is viewed as the first significant milestone in shaping the decisions of Cyprus’ future oil and gas strategy. Minister of Energy George Papanastasiou told CNA

Has Cyprus become a bad joke?

Not a week goes by without a new revelation about unethical appointments in the government machine, mostly to reward dedicated individuals who worked hard for President Christodoulides’ election. This is not a


Government mulling zero VAT on some items

The government is considering removing VAT on some foodstuffs to relieve households from inflationary pressures and a hike in interest rates. Despite March seeing the lowest inflation rate for 13 months, households


Government websites down after water leak

Efforts are underway to repair and assess the damage caused by a water leak from a tank adjacent to the servers that provide internet access for the entire government hub. Government internet

Exploring Cyprus housing provisions

The topic of government involvement in housing is contentious, with various opinions and approaches to how housing should be provided and managed. This issue has become of interest in Cyprus due to


New government raises the bar

The new government was sworn in Wednesday, with President Nikos Christodoulides urging his ministers to set high standards, warning them he would not tolerate corruption or favouritism. During the handover ceremony, Christodoulides

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