Property sales figures can lie

By Pavlos Loizou When the Department of Lands and Surveys released data on sales contracts for January, it struck me the numbers and percentages were presented without analysis, indicating the beginning of


Cyprus real estate bashed by Brexit

Now that Brexit is over and done with, it made me think about what British nationals can or cannot do in Cyprus when buying real estate. As circumstances stand and without any


Construction sector feels the squeeze

Following the demise of Cyprus “golden passports” scheme compounded by coronavirus the construction industry is suffering but has options. The sector is relying on housing developments and offices for companies attracted to


Planning permission needs re-think

Due to the reform and restructuring of municipalities and local authorities, there is great debate on which should be the competent authority for issuing building and planning permits. This subject ought to


A once in a generation opportunity

By Pavlos Loizou  The Covid-19 crisis did not start as a financial crisis, but it is morphing into one—and a global one at that. The headlines of 2020 have been dominated by


Cyprus real estate will hold firm in 2021

By Charalambos Pitros While uncertainties remain for 2021, the Cyprus property market will continue to show its strength. With at least two viable vaccines, low mortgage rates, tight supply and supportive government

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