Out with the new, refurbish the old

Increased building costs, limited availability of suitable housing within town centres, the burden of VAT, the lack of title deeds has turned housing demand towards older properties, which require repair. In this


No respite from noisy neighbours

As construction activity grows, especially for residential properties (houses, apartments), quiet enjoyment in cohabitation becomes more important. Regrettably, there are no building regulations regarding noise, such as double insulated dividing walls between


Insured in name only

Despite my involvement in real estate over the last 42 years, I am still learning from mistakes and omissions and various tricks that insurance companies and others come up with. I want


Real estate indicators improving

Cyprus’ macroeconomic performance throughout 2021 will remain under pressure, with downward annual variations in several indicators influenced by the ongoing pandemic. However, when the health side improves, so will the economy, both

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