Revival in mountain village real estate

The pandemic has some positive benefits, which include the locals learning the beauty and attraction of our mountain resorts. This is especially so by the younger generation (age 20-30) who very rarely


Cash-in on refitting older properties

As new units are increasing in their sales price, so is the difference between old and new property values. If one is to compare the values of new apartments directed primarily towards


Tech is the future for Real Estate sales

We are impressed by the younger generation of Cypriots, who, in addition to their qualifications and some partial practical local experience of real estate, have based their research and analysis of their


Mixed outlook for real estate

By Nikolas Ioannou BNP Paribas has released its second 2020 report regarding the property market outlook post-pandemic, presenting forecasts about real estate in uncertain times. The obvious differentiation regarding the previous report


Slumlords and nightmare tenants

We tend to think that Cyprus has a problematic legal system with the end result that in addition to the time it takes to secure a court decision, those in the wrong

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