Covid-19 In Cyprus - Last 24h

Cyprus Cyprus
0 New Confirmed
927 Total Confirmed
0 New Deaths
17 Total Deaths
+33 New Recovered
594 Total Recovered

Covid-19 Worldwide - Last 24h

+100749 New Confirmed
5394790 Total Confirmed
+4043 New Deaths
348546 Total Deaths
+55542 New Recovered
2111534 Total Recovered

COVID19: Government bean counters lost in the shuffle

The Auditor-General, the watchdog keeping public finances in check, was the main stumbling block in getting the government’s private sector aid package through parliament, which the finance minister rescinded for fear of being rejected outright in the House. All opposition

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Hefty fine for Cyprus forex firm welcomed

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission’s (CySEC) hefty fine of a forex firm for not complying with financial regulations has been welcomed


COVID19: The great big coronavirus con

During difficult times various matters arise, which exploit these ‘difficult times’ as an excuse to get away with it. This is the

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COVID19: Time for a Green reboot

Coronavirus and shutting down businesses as a result of the lockdown imposed to stem the outbreak is a great opportunity for a Green reboot of Cyprus’ economy and society. Experts and stakeholders are urging countries trying to restart their economy to consider

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Cyprus Navy vessels test out Ayia Napa Marina

Ayia Napa Marina hosted on Thursday five Cyprus Navy vessels, in a trial run to test the technical specifications and operational capabilities of the marina that is currently under construction. A military source told CNA that provisions were made in

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Ottoman shipwreck stirs the waters

A row has broken out between Cyprus Antiquities Department and a British company excavating ancient shipwrecks in the Eastern Mediterranean, over a