HALLOUMAKI case crashes in EU court

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The EU General Court has closed a case between Greek company Kolios AE and a group of Cypriot processors and producers of sheepmilk and goatmilk over its intention to register the logo HALLOUMAKI.

Cypriot dairy producers argued it infringed on the traditional made-in-Cyprus white cheese halloumi.

The move came after the Greek company withdrew its application for registration, according to a Court of Justice statement on Wednesday.

The order of the General Court is related to the case “Group of processors and producers of sheepmilk and goatmilk v. European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) – Kolios AE Elliniki Viomichania Galaktos”.

Kolios AE applied with the EUIPO on September 19, 2019, to register an EU trademark for the logo HALLOUMAKI.

On September 15 2020, a group of Nicosia processors and producers of sheepmilk and goatmilk opposed the registration application, based on the previous Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) “Halloumi/Hellim” registered in 2021 for cheeses produced in Cyprus according to the traditional recipe.

EUIPO rejected the group’s opposition on the grounds there was no risk the trademark would be considered as referring to PDO Halloumi.

Cypriot cheesemakers appealed before the General Court on August 2 2022, seeking to have the EUIPO’s decision annulled.

On October 26 2023, the General Court decided there was no longer any need to rule on this appeal as it had become devoid of purpose, as Kolios AE had withdrawn its application for registration of the disputed name.

EUIPO stated that there was no longer a need to adjudicate.