Prey to the winds of fortune

A year ago today, Cyprus shut four crossings to the north to prevent coronavirus from reaching the Republic by land from Turkey via the Turkish occupied area while pondering to ban flights


Old dogmas, new divisions

The division based on political ideologies and social status is growing, instead of shrinking as one should expect in the age of home isolation and rediscovering family values. With the Cyprus economy


Shatter glass ceiling to close pay gap

Talk about closing the gender pay gap is fashionable again, probably because we’re just around the corner from parliamentary elections and everyone has, insincerely, jumped on the ‘equality’ bandwagon. Others add their


Corruption wasn’t born yesterday

It took a veteran politician with 40 years of public service, nearing the end of his second administration, to realise there’s a problem with corruption in Cyprus. Perhaps, the President took a


‘Covid-recovery’ needs safer hands

Photo opportunities at the launch of the nationwide vaccination programme this week had four different stories to tell over as many days. And a lesson to be learnt for those who govern,


Undercooking economic diplomacy

Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides made an intriguing announcement that either flew under the radar or intentionally planned to pave the way for our senior diplomat’s political ambitions. In his address to the

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