When art imitates politics

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental principles of democracy. And if we want to believe that we live in a true democracy, then this freedom, be it in art or


Pax Europa needed for Turkey sanctions

At the Med 7 summit in Corsica, French President Emmanuel Macron said Europe needed “a more united and clear voice” on Turkey. He said Ankara’s actions with its rogue drilling activities near


Turkey gets to eat its cake

Turkey and its modern-day Ottoman-style ruler Recep Tayyip Erdogan is holding a steady course on its path towards reviving an expansionist plan to reinstate the glory days of a one-time empire. There’s


Time for grown-up debate about 5G

With digital technology undoubtedly the backbone of leaps in the economic and social spheres, one cannot ignore the growing voices concerned about the health impact from the introduction of fast broadband communication,

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