COVID19: Cyprus sees its biggest spike in cases

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Cyprus saw its highest daily spike in coronavirus infections on Monday after health authorities confirmed there were 21 new cases taking the total since the outbreak to 116.

Added to the 39 confirmed cases in the Turkish occupied north of the island, divided Cyprus has a total of 155 infected people since the outbreak started on March 9.

Among the 21 new confirmed cases – almost double that of Sunday – was 12 people located through tracking down contacts of other confirmed cases.

Three more people are connected to the infections at Paphos General Hospital where a British patient at the ICU contracted the disease and infected many more including medical staff.

Four of the cases included four people who returned to Cyprus from three European countries and after developing symptoms they got in touch with the authorities.

The background of another positive case is being investigated.

The epidemiological monitoring unit of the Ministry of Health has already started tracking down the contacts of all 21 confirmed cases and will proceed with taking samples for the specialised tests to be conducted.

The number of positive cases has reached 116, including three in the British Bases, of which 62 were infected in Cyprus.

Five of the cases are on a ventilator, two of which are in a more critical condition, but the majority are self-isolating at home.

Cyprus registered its first death to the coronavirus on Saturday, a 70-year-old who was infected at Paphos General by his fellow patient.

The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics has conducted approximately 3,500 COVID-19 tests until March 22, it’s Chief Executive Medical Director Leonidas Phylactou told the Cyprus News Agency.

Phylactou said that the number of samples being tested, in proportion to the population, is higher than in most countries.

“We are among the first worldwide regarding the number of tests, and the tests are being conducted without any delay.”