Glass doors, low ceilings

It seems that women’s rights are not taken seriously in Cyprus, worst of all by women themselves. The argument about narrowing and eventually closing gender gaps in the workplace, business, public service,


Don’t overlook ESG criteria

The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework is becoming increasingly important in the global economic landscape. For states such as Cyprus, understanding and adapting to these Principles reflects a commitment to responsible


New asylum applications dip 50%

There was a 50% reduction in new asylum applications between March and October compared to 2022 as deportations increased, the Interior Ministry said. For the first time, the overall balance of arrivals-returns presents a positive

Qatari team to explore Cyprus investments

A team from Qatar’s various investment funds will visit Cyprus to explore investment prospects in the infrastructure, energy and tourism sectors. President Nikos Christodoulides declared the move after meeting the Emir of

Cyprus-Qatar sign MoU in higher education

The Republic of Cyprus and Qatar signed a Memorandum of Understanding Monday in Doha for cooperation in higher education, scientific research, and technology. According to a presidential statement, the Memorandum of Understanding


Navigating complex geopolitical energy needs

The world is currently witnessing a tumultuous period marked by three significant wars that have far-reaching geopolitical, geoeconomic and energy implications: the Russo-Ukrainian war, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and the Israeli-Palestinian (Hamas). These


Cyprus evolving into cybersecurity hub

Cyprus has set out to serve as a communication bridge between the Middle East and Europe in cybersecurity. The island is positioning itself as a key regional cybersecurity services hub and will

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