COVID19: Wider face mask use back on the table

Scientists advising the government on handling the coronavirus pandemic are split over whether authorities should reinstate a face mask mandate as cases and hospitalisations have shot up. According to the Health Ministry’s

COVID19: Masks may be necessary for some

Some Cypriots may need to wear face masks again, especially hospitality staff after Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela asked government advisors to send suggestions to blunt a new wave of COVID infections. The

COVID is not ready to surrender

We thought we had made our escape from the ravages of COVID-19, no longer looking over our shoulders and keeping our distance. The restrictions came tumbling down, no more Safe Pass, face


Who cares about patient rights?

State doctors’ demands and the Health Ministry succumbing to pressure, especially in an election year, suggests that patient rights have been thrown out with the bedpan. The public watches with awe the


On-call outpatient clinics launch next month

Hospital outpatient clinics are to begin working longer hours, catering to patients on weekday afternoons and weekends from 9 July, the Health Ministry announced. According to the ministry, plans to operate outpatient

Cyprus-Israel expand health cooperation

Cyprus and Israel seek to widen their health cooperation when dealing with emergencies and natural disasters, including organ transplantation and the COVID-19 pandemic. Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela and his Israeli counterpart Nitzan


Hospital outpatient clinics to launch afternoon hours

Hospital outpatient departments will be operating in the afternoons after nurses’ unions agreed with the State Health Services Organisation (OKYPY) about overtime pay. Nurses joined doctors in greenlighting a compensation proposal tabled

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