14 flu deaths this winter

Some 14 people died from an influenza infection during the winter months in Cyprus, as reported by the Health Ministry. Initially, reports suggested that one of the victims was a young child

COVID19: 1,330 deaths in three years

Cyprus reported four COVID-19 deaths on Friday, four less than last week, with a drop in new infections, while a systems failure could not calculate the number of hospitalisations. The health ministry

COVID19: Eight deaths, increase in cases

Cyprus reported eight COVID-19 deaths on Friday, four more than last week, with an increase in new infections and a steady number of hospitalisations. On Thursday, health authorities lifted the entry requirement

COVID19: Test requirement for China arrivals ends

Health authorities have lifted the entry requirement for a negative 48-hour PCR test from all passengers arriving from China. The government imposed the measure on 15 January, as Nicosia adopted EU recommendations

COVID19: Two deaths, drop in cases, patients

Cyprus reported two COVID-19 deaths during the past seven days, two fewer than last week, with a continued drop in new infections and hospitalisations. With the nation headed to a second conclusive

COVID19: Rules for conducting safe ballot

The Health Ministry issued a series of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during Sunday’s Presidential election. It is recommended that rooms are adequately ventilated, while staff and representatives of the candidates must

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