COVID19: Death toll rises among elderly

Cyprus saw an increase in COVID-19 deaths in the past week, as the Health Ministry reported another nine victims, with the death toll in the past four weeks alone rising to 30.

COVID19: Seven deaths, authorities on alert

Cyprus reported another seven Covid-19 deaths in the past week, increasing concerns among health experts urging the elderly to roll up their sleeves for a second booster shot. The Health Ministry said

COVID19: Focus on jabs ahead of winter wave

Authorities will focus on encouraging people over 60, especially those in nursing homes, to get an updated booster vaccination to prepare for a probable new COVID-19 wave this winter. These were among

COVID19: Health experts to assess new measures

An increase in new COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations have prompted Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela to call an extraordinary meeting with government advisors on the pandemic. Hadjipantela said in light of the COVID

COVID19: New subvariant expected in Cyprus

The newest Omicron sub-variant BQ1 of coronavirus is expected to surface in Cyprus, but it’s not more aggressive than previous strains, said virologist Petros Karayiannis. He predicted a new COVID wave for

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