Dam capacity running low

Dams are currently at 58.5% of their capacity, much lower than last year, and will continue to empty until October-November when it usually starts raining in Cyprus, according to officials. Marios Hadjikosti,


Water demand puts strain on system

The prolonged heatwave and high temperatures have increased water demand, with authorities urging the public to avoid waste to avert shortages. Efi Attikouri, Head of the Water Supply Service of the Water

Government websites down after water leak

Efforts are underway to repair and assess the damage caused by a water leak from a tank adjacent to the servers that provide internet access for the entire government hub. Government internet

EU warning about drinking water

The EU Commission sent formal notice to Cyprus for failure to notify national measures transposing directives on improving drinking water and cross-border company activities in its package of infringement decisions. There are


Water reserves running low

Cyprus’ water reserves are dangerously low, as the island’s dams are currently recording one of the worst inflows for a decade despite recent storms. Since October, when the rainy season began, water


Dam water flows remain low

Water flowing into dams remains low compared to last year, despite the heavy rain that has fallen during the past few days. According to the Water Development Department, the water flow into