Water demand puts strain on system

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The prolonged heatwave and high temperatures have increased water demand, with authorities urging the public to avoid waste to avert shortages.

Efi Attikouri, Head of the Water Supply Service of the Water Department, told the Cyprus News Agency there had been significant increases in the water demand compared to last year.

She said there are increased demands in tourist areas due to the surge in visitors and other areas with increased urban development.

Attikouri said that in relation to the pre-pandemic levels, the Department is supplying increased amounts of water by 10% throughout Cyprus.

She explained that because of this increase, the central drainage systems of the water supply are operating at a marginal level.

In some cases, there are shortages due to the prolonged heatwave.

But she assured the Department takes all necessary actions to properly manage the available water and meet the fullest possible coverage of the demand.

The public is called upon to reduce consumption to the minimum possible.

“Cyprus is affected by frequent and prolonged droughts, and the need to conserve water is always there, not only during heatwaves.”

There are simple guidelines for the public on how to save water.

These include regular checks of the plumbing at home to look out for leakage, immediate fix of dripping taps, new water-saving systems, buckets to wash the car, and watering cans instead of a hose.

The public is asked to report any leakage and loss of water on the roads.