Christodoula March: the struggle continues

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By Athena Danou  

While this wasn’t my first participation in the Christodoula March, it was probably the first time I left the event so deeply moved, while also inspired by the presence of our children, the very future of our society.

The annual awareness and fund-raising march, organised by the Anti-Cancer Society, commemorates the journey of a cancer patient, a woman who drew her final breath while fleeing Turkish invaders and battling cancer. A fact that alone instills reverence.

The vibrant presence of our children, our youth, conveyed a resounding message: no one should face such trials alone, echoing one of the key slogans of the march itself.

Amidst the sea of participants, including countless children, I couldn’t help but feel compelled to strive for a brighter tomorrow, regardless of the challenges fate may present.

My vision extends to a society where no individual is left to fight alone, where seeking assistance from fellow citizens is met with compassion and support, free from stigma or judgment.

I firmly advocate for a world where those in need can rely on institutional aid, from both governmental and municipal bodies, in times of hardship.

Solidarity, I believe, must be the cornerstone of the environment we wish to nurture for our descendants, driving my dedication to vying for the role of municipal councilor in Strovolos.

My commitment to my fellow citizens fuels my resolve to offer aid in any capacity possible. I aspire for every individual encountering adversity to find solace in knowing that assistance is readily available from municipal authorities.

It is imperative, in my view, that the Strovolos Municipal Council prioritises addressing the concerns of its constituents, understanding that proactive measures often surpass reactive solutions, another lesson to take home from the Christodoula March.

My aspiration is to contribute to the holistic betterment of our society, starting with our local community of Strovolos.

Together, we can cultivate an improved municipality, boasting enhanced infrastructure accessible to all, including the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and children seeking recreational spaces.

In this endeavour, no one is redundant.


Athena Danou is a candidate for municipal councilor for the Municipality of Strovolos, representing the Democratic Rally.