COVID19: No need for stricter measures

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On August 29, the COVID Scientific Advisory Committee will meet with Health Minister Popi Kanari to evaluate new data on whether the virus is making a comeback.

Although the minister said: “There is currently no justification for any stricter measures regarding the Coronavirus”.

“The Committee will convene, and we will see whether we continue with the current measures, which include rapid tests in hospitals and nursing homes.”

“These are the only precautions currently existing, as is the case in many other countries.”

Kanari said the ministry monitors the new subvariant ‘Eris’ and is vigilant about the new variant identified in Canada, Israel, and the UK.

She said the ministry is in continuous communication with the World Health Organisation and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the data is such that there is “no justification for any additional measures or panic”.

Kanari said the Ministry of Health monitors the data daily, which it collects and will provide to the Committee members to study to decide how to proceed.

The minister said they have already updated the vaccination programme for the coming year.

“The programme has already been set.

“Vaccinations will start being administered from the end of September until the beginning of November, both for the new COVID-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine.”

The WHO suggests these vaccines should be administered together.

Vaccination centres will offer the option for people to receive them simultaneously this year.

“This applies to citizens over 60 and vulnerable groups.

GPs, as before, will also be able to administer the flu vaccines.