COVID19: 1,000 new cases weekly

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There is stability in the number of new COVID-19 cases in Cyprus, averaging around 1,000 per week, a Ministry of Health official said.

In statements to CNA, Elisabeth Constantinou, Director of Medical Services at the Health Ministry, said: “Stability is reflected in the number of new coronavirus cases”.

According to official data, an average of about a thousand new cases are recorded weekly.

The new coronavirus variant, Eris, has already been detected in more than 50 countries, including Cyprus.

Constantinou described it as a “low-risk variant”, explaining that data shared by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) “do not cause particular concern.”

She said there does not appear to be a significant increase in cases compared to previous weeks.

“There is stability in the number of cases”.

An increase was observed in July; however, for August, there is stability, with approximately a thousand cases on average per week.

According to official data for August 4-10, there were 28 new admissions, whereas 49 new admissions had been recorded in the preceding week.

Additionally, there were zero admissions to Intensive Care Units from August 4 – 10.

Since the end of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health no longer conducts random sampling tests.

But they monitor certain indicators and numbers to understand the trend.

The ministry gathers data from cases detected after visits to hospitals or homes.

She added that in Cyprus, the basic measures for vulnerable groups, such as mask-wearing and negative rapid tests within 72 hours in hospitals, elderly care homes, and enclosed facilities, are still maintained.

Asked if there are reasons for concern for the Autumn, especially with the return of students to schools, Constantinou said that what has been observed in other countries is the rapid transmission of the Eris strain, and Cyprus is no different.

The ECDC “does not appear to be particularly concerned about this variant of Covid.”

“So far, the data show that while it will prevail, meaning it will be the strain we find more frequently among positive cases, the clinical picture does not seem to change, and there will not be a significant increase in clinical symptoms.