Patients claim abuse of GHS by doctors

Complaints over abuse of the General Healthcare System payments are rising, as specialist doctors charge patients at a higher rate instead of the GHS fee, according to patient associations. According to a

Four years on GHS has 950,000 beneficiaries 

There are 943,978 beneficiaries registered with the General Health System (GHS), while 806,900 visited their GP the past year, proving a success since its introduction in 2019. The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO)

One in ten births premature

Cyprus ranks high in terms of prematurity, as more than one in ten births are premature, according to a workshop held in Nicosia. At the two-day workshop, with the participation of 40 organisations,


GHS working to get private A&E wards operational

Health authorities are working around the clock to get private hospitals to operate Accident and Emergency departments as part of the General Healthcare System. The Health Insurance Organisation is conducting intensive consultations

Fixing GHS loopholes

New Health Minister Popi Kanari said closing loopholes in the country’s General Health System that allow for abuse is at the top of her to-do list. In an interview with the Financial