150 children treated by renowned Shriners Hospitals

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Minister of Health Popi Kanari said it was important that children from Greece, Egypt, and Lebanon are now being examined by doctors from the Shriners Children’s Hospitals in Cyprus.

The minister visited the George and Thelma Paraskevaides Foundation, where since Monday, children from Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, and Lebanon have been examined by doctors from the Shriners Children’s Hospitals.

Until Friday, a total of 150 children who face serious orthopaedic problems will be examined by specialist doctors.

After the visit, Kanari thanked the Foundation for its long-term contribution and thanked the doctors of the Shriners International hospitals, who have been offering their services free since 1981.

It is done through the Foundation to the children of Cyprus and, from this year, also to the children of neighbouring countries.

Kanari pointed out that since operations are now carried out in Cyprus, an infrastructure is being created to serve children from neighbouring and European Union countries.

In previous years, children from Cyprus or other countries had to travel to the US to receive these services, and Kanari said it is a crucial development that those services are now offered on the island.

Director of the Foundation, Costas Paraskevaides, said Cyprus is now becoming a Regional Centre offering treatments through the Shriners.

Chair of the Board of the 22 Shriners International hospitals, Ed Stolze, expressed satisfaction that after so many years, children from Cyprus can be operated in their homeland, thus recovering better and faster and avoiding the long trip to the US.