Large-scale Argonaut exercise ends

The multinational civil-military cooperation exercise “ARGONAUT 2023” occurred in the Republic’s maritime, air and land area and was successfully completed Friday. The exercise was conducted by the Defence Ministry in cooperation with

Probe into ‘improper’ airport bomb exercise

The government is conducting a probe into what authorities are now calling an “irregular security exercise” in which undercover police officers passed a fake explosive device and knives through Larnaca airport security.

French marines hold Cyprus exercise

French marines have conducted a military exercise on the island codenamed ARIADNI-23 with units of the Cypriot National Guard, according to the embassy of France. “These activities continue to illustrate the high level


US-Cyprus in crisis response exercise

Cyprus and the US are conducting a joint military exercise on the island codenamed ‘Silver Falcon 23’ until 24 February. The exercise is held in cooperation with the US European Command (USEUCOM),


French aircraft carrier in Cyprus exercise

French navy aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle is back in Cyprus to participate in air defence exercises. Defence Minister Charalambos Petrides confirmed that air defence exercises are taking place off Cyprus, where


National Guard in MEDUSA military exercise

The National Guard is participating for a sixth consecutive year in the multinational military exercise MEDUSA as part of the trilateral defence cooperation between Greece, Cyprus, and Egypt. A statement by Defence


ΝΕMESIS large-scale exercise in Cyprus EEZ

The annual multinational exercise NEMESIS 2022 was conducted in 9 blocks of Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone and included counter-terrorism scenarios on a gas platform. It also involved boarding operations on suspicious boats,

Joint police exercise boosts hostage negotiations

A specialised British Bases Police negotiator team completed a week-long joint training exercise alongside Cyprus Police Special Forces officers last month. The annual CyPol-led exercise, which aims to test multiple assets within

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