French marines hold Cyprus exercise

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French marines have conducted a military exercise on the island codenamed ARIADNI-23 with units of the Cypriot National Guard, according to the embassy of France.

“These activities continue to illustrate the high level of cooperation between France and Cyprus in the field of defence,” the embassy tweeted.

“Over the last few days, the French marines embarked on LHD Mistral and carried out exercise ARIADNI-23 together with units from the National Guard of Cyprus,” it added.

National Guard commander Lt Gen Dimokritos Zervakis described the war games as “excellent co-training” in Cyprus-France special operations with the participation of France’s Mistral helicopter carrier.

He tweeted that it enhanced data exchange experience, battle conditions and familiarity with special operation forces objectives.

France and Cyprus have bolstered their defence partnership in the region, with Paris and Nicosia signing a military cooperation deal in 2020.