COVID19: Vaccination campaign launched with flu jab

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The Health Ministry announced the launch of free vaccinations against the seasonal flu and COVID-19 from Tuesday.

Emphasising the importance of timely vaccination during the autumn and winter, the ministry has laid out the schedule for these vital immunisation efforts.

According to the Health Ministry, the vaccination campaign will kick off on Tuesday at Polis Chrysochous Hospital, followed by a rollout to all other vaccination centres on Wednesday.

In collaboration with the National Vaccination Committee, the Health Ministry is urging the administration of flu vaccines to vulnerable and high-risk population groups for preventive and public health purposes.

Beneficiaries of the national healthcare scheme (GHS) who fall into high-risk groups can receive their vaccinations through their personal General Practitioners (GPs) by appointment.

Meanwhile, non-GSH beneficiaries in high-risk categories can access free vaccinations at Health Ministry vaccination centres.

For those who wish to receive COVID-19 and seasonal flu vaccines on the same day, the ministry is facilitating appointments at its vaccination centres.

This comprehensive vaccination campaign underscores the government’s commitment to safeguarding public health during the upcoming flu season and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.