COVID19: Cyprus to ditch face masks indoors

In the coming days, Cyprus could lift a mask mandate for indoors after Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela asked advisors to deliver their recommendation for when the measure can be scrapped. According to

COVID19: Death toll, new cases slow down

Cyprus reported six deaths in the weekly Covid bulletin on Friday, raising the death toll since the pandemic started to 1,057, with new cases dropping to 2,103, about 300 less than the

COVID19: Omicron subvariants could arrive

More transmissible COVID Omicron subvariants could reach Cyprus, and the situation should be monitored, said government advisor Dr Zoi Dorothea Pana. All the Omicron sub-variants are highly contagious but less deadly than

COVID19: Cyprus to abolish Safe Pass for weddings

The government is contemplating scrapping the Safe Pass requirement for all hospitality and entertainment venues, such as weddings, where it is still required. In comments to reporters Monday, Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela