COVID patients nearing 100

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Hospitalisations of Covid-19 patients are close to reaching triple-digit figures, as they spiked from 70 to 90 compared to last week, according to the State Health Services Organisation (OKYPY).

In comments to state radio CyBC, OKYPY’s spokesperson, Charalambos Charilaou, said that the number of patients hospitalised with COVID-19 has increased by a third in the past week.

Charilaou said that, as of Monday, two individuals are now in an Intensive Care Unit, and four in an Acute Care Unit in state hospitals across the island.

He said that the majority of those hospitalised are individuals over 75 who have not received vaccinations in recent months.

Despite the rise in cases, Dr. Peter Karayiannis, a professor of microbiology and molecular biology, and government advisor, downplayed the likelihood of implementing further and stricter measures to combat the virus.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), Karayiannis characterised the situation as an “outbreak” rather than a new epidemic wave.

Complete cycle

He anticipates the outbreak to complete its cycle and recede shortly, attributing the current uptick to people returning to school and work after the holiday season.

Karayiannis expects a subsequent decline in Covid-19 cases in Cyprus in the coming weeks.

However, OKYPY’s Charilaou expressed concern about the potential for an increased virus transmission rate with the reopening of schools on Monday after the Christmas holidays. He urged individuals with symptoms to stay at home.

Education Minister Athena Michaelidou echoed this sentiment, urging symptomatic individuals to remain at home and suggesting regular ventilation of classrooms and closed spaces in schools.

Meanwhile, the Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association (CPA) reiterated its readiness to participate in the Covid-19 vaccination process by administering vaccines in pharmacies.

It emphasised pharmacists’ experience, education and training in vaccine administration, proposing a collaboration with the government to facilitate a more rapid vaccination coverage among the population.

Additionally, the CPA welcomed the reintroduction of mandatory testing for Covid-19 to access certain spaces, including hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices and dentists’ practices.

They urged the public to wear protective masks and adhere to social distancing procedures.