Girl 7 out of danger after freak accident

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A seven-year-old girl treated at the Makarios children’s hospital after suffering brain hematoma in a freak accident on the highway is stable and out of danger, said doctors on Tuesday.

The girl was seriously injured on Monday after a stone ricocheted from the wheels of a truck driving in the opposite direction, breaking the windshield of her vehicle and hitting her on the head.

Director of the Pediatric Surgery Clinic of the Makarios Hospital, Dr Christos Minas, said the 7-year-old girl suffered a “very rare and highly improbable injury”.

Following the incident, the child was taken to Limassol General Hospital, where tests found she had suffered a skull fracture and possible hematoma”.

Dr Mina said that she was transferred to the General Hospital of Nicosia, where the severe brain injury with a skull fracture and hematoma was confirmed, followed by neurosurgery to drain the hematoma.

Later, the girl was intubated around midnight on Monday in the Intensive Care Unit of the Makarios Hospital.

He said her neurological status will be assessed in the next 24 to 48 hours.

The 7-year-old was visited by Health Minister Popi Kanari, who doctors informed about the child’s health condition”.

“We have excellent doctors in this unit”.

“We believe that everything will be fine”, said the minister, wishing “the best for the child and her family”.