MPs seek remedy for children gamblers

The House Human Rights is reviewing legislation to clamp down on Cypriot children’s addiction to gambling, which has become rampant, according to surveys and experts. Cypriot school kids hold an EU record

Young teacher arrested for molesting children

A 25-year-old high school supply teacher was remanded in custody for eight days on alleged child porn charges on Friday, while evidence emerged he sexually harassed students by sending them explicit content.

Disabled children denied equal access to education

Commissioner for Children’s rights Despo Michaelidou has criticised the Education Ministry’s attempts to play down claims by parents of disabled students that their children were being denied equal access. Organised groups representing

More children involved in drug cases

Authorities are concerned over a dramatic increase in hard drugs seized in police raids, such as cocaine, and children involved in drug cases. According to a report compiled by the police’s Drug

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