Liverpool tops broadcast income, PSG in matchday

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After COVID-19 caused the worse season in years, the world’s top-grossing football clubs have seen their revenue grow in 2022. Most of the increase came in matchday and broadcasting revenues, with huge differences between the clubs.

Liverpool FC had the highest broadcasting revenue in the football industry last year, while Paris Saint-Germain topped in matchday and commercial revenues, according to data compiled by CasinosEnLigne.com.

According to the Deloitte Football Money League 2023 survey, Manchester City was the biggest revenue-generating machine in the football industry last year. Overall, the club grossed €731 mln in the 2021/2022 season, €18 mln more than the second-ranked Real Madrid and €30 mln more than Liverpool FC.

However, the Citizens were a few steps behind their biggest rival Liverpool regarding broadcasting revenues.

Reds earned €314 mln, €20 mln more than Citizens

Statistics show the Reds had the highest broadcasting revenue in the 2021/2022 season of €314 mln, €20 mln more than Manchester City.

The Citizens were even behind Real Madrid, which grossed €308 mln from broadcasting payments last year. Chelsea and Manchester United followed, with €277 mln and €254 mln in broadcasting revenues, respectively.

Still, Paris Saint-Germain topped in matchday and commercial revenues.

Last season, the most successful Ligue 1 club reported €383 mln worth of commercial income, €100 mln more than the world’s top-grossing football club Manchester City. Bayern Munich had the second-highest commercial revenue of $378 mln.

However, the top French club reported another €132 mln in matchday incomes, more than double that of Manchester City.

United was the second-closest club in this category with €126 mln in matchday revenue, followed by Tottenham Hotspur. With €64 mln in matchday revenues, Manchester City ranked only tenth in this category.

Six of ten top grossing clubs from Premier League

Despite considerable differences in their broadcasting, matchday and commercial revenues, the Premier League clubs still have the highest overall revenues in the football industry. In fact, the Delloite survey showed three six of the ten top-grossing clubs play in Premier League.

Following Manchester City, Real Madrid and Liverpool, Manchester United ranked as the fourth highest-grossing football club, with €688.6 mln in total revenue last season.

With €568.3 mln in 2021/2022 revenue, Chelsea ranked eighth on this list behind Paris-Saint Germain, Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

Spurs and Arsenal followed, with €523 mln and €433.5 mln, respectively. Together, the six Premier League clubs grossed over €3.6 bln last year.