COVID19: Over 500 cases reported at schools

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More than 500 new COVID-19 cases were reported in school units last week, creating small transmission chains.

From Monday, around 500 cases were confirmed in 288 schools, which does not seem to cause experts concern since they expected a spike in cases with the start of the new school year and the lifting of face mask restrictions.

Health Ministry mobile units already visited two schools on Friday and conducted Rapid Tests to effectively control and contain the virus’s spread.

The mobile units will visit more schools next week for further testing since the Health Ministry aims to carry out 5 thousand Rapid Tests monthly to contain the virus’ diaspora.

Communications adviser to the Minister of Health, Constantinos Athanasiou, told CNA that the increased number of cases at schools is being monitored and there will be targeted monitoring where small transmission chains are detected.

Asked if the Health Ministry intends to convene a meeting with the Scientific Advisory Committee, Athanasiou said, for the time being, it will not do so; however, the situation is being monitored, and if necessary, the relevant actions will be taken.