Sporadic dengue fever cases recorded

Sporadic dengue fever cases have been recorded in Cyprus, said Director of Medical and Public Health Services Dr Elizabeth Constantinou. She told CNA that primary infection within the Republic of Cyprus seems

US, UK seek assistance in sanction-busting cases

Authorities are busy investigating cases of Cypriot firms facilitating asset transfers for sanctioned Russian oligarchs, with the UK and US requesting judicial assistance. Following the damning ‘Cyprus Confidential’ leaks, some eight requests

COVID19: 1,000 new cases weekly

There is stability in the number of new COVID-19 cases in Cyprus, averaging around 1,000 per week, a Ministry of Health official said. In statements to CNA, Elisabeth Constantinou, Director of Medical

COVID19: Slowdown in deaths, cases

Cyprus saw a slowdown in COVID-19 deaths, infections, and stabilisation of hospitalisations, as the Health Ministry reported another two victims. The two deaths reported by health authorities on Friday were significantly lower

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