Foreign firms want schools, housing

Foreign investors in Cyprus told President Nikos Christodoulides the government must address infrastructure shortcomings that hinder their business plans for the island. Investors were brought together during a roundtable discussion organised by

Minister ‘positive’ on sex education

Education Minister Prodromos Prodromou said his ministry has a positive stance on introducing sex education in schools after criticism from MPs to his initial statements that it would “complicate” the curriculum. On

Hey teacher, leave those kids alone

I have been contemplating why the Education Ministry had kept its reaction to the alleged classroom pervert molesting his students on the undercooked side. It also seemed to avoid a public backlash


Teachers want anti-bullying police

Educators are concerned over the alarming rise of bullying at schools, asking authorities to step up efforts like extending security to secondary education. Secondary education teachers’ union OELMEK has asked the Education


COVID19: Over 500 cases reported at schools

More than 500 new COVID-19 cases were reported in school units last week, creating small transmission chains. From Monday, around 500 cases were confirmed in 288 schools, which does not seem to

COVID19: Clusters forming at schools

Scientists say that schools opening in early September have led to a spike in new COVID-19 cases reported among students, as clusters are being formed. Epidemiologist and member of the Health Ministry

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