COVID19: Hospitals creaking at full capacity

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Cyprus state hospitals are under increased pressure as COVID-19, seasonal infections and other medical cases push their capacity to the limit.

On Wednesday, the State Health Services Organisation (OKYPY) said the influx of patients has led to a 100% occupancy rate in state hospitals.

“The situation is still under control, albeit worrying,” noted OKYPY.

Apart from coronavirus, state hospitals also treat patients with bronchitis, pneumonia, and those suffering from heart problems, strokes, or orthopaedic issues in need of hospitalisation.

Some 71 patients are hospitalised with COVID-19, of which 22 were in critical condition and intubated.

OKYPY said that around 30 non-COVID patients also required intubation every day at Nicosia General Hospital alone in recent weeks.

“The situation is expected to deteriorate further in the coming period, as a new wave of coronavirus infections takes over Europe, leading to an increase in hospitalisations”.

OKYPY assured the public that state hospitals are taking all necessary measures to provide quality healthcare services to all and effectively meet the population’s needs, despite the increased pressure.

“OKYPY’s primary goal remains to ensure the health of our fellow citizens through the uninterrupted provision of high-quality healthcare.

“To this end, and by acknowledging this task, the organisation will continue to do whatever it takes to achieve this goal.”

According to the latest epidemiological report, 608 COVID cases (10.6% of all hospitalised patients) have been admitted to ICU.

Overall, more than 6,000 people have been hospitalised with COVID-19.

Cyprus has reported over 126,000 and 576 deaths.