COVID19: Cyprus jabs 80% of population

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Reaching its August goal with a two-week delay, Cyprus vaccination rollout has now covered 80% of the adult population who have received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Achieving the 80% goal brings health authorities closer to the ultimate goal of reaching herd immunity against the coronavirus.

Experts estimate that coverage of 82-85% is needed following the more potent Delta variant outbreak.

Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas said that achieving a high vaccination coverage “boosts our morale and allows us to gaze upon the future with optimism”.

He said the achievement comes ahead of the winter period, which will now find the community better prepared and protected against the virus which has troubled humanity over the past 20 months.

“Meanwhile, we are continuing and intensifying our efforts to boost the vaccination rate even further.

“The higher the vaccine coverage, the closer we will get to our goal of ensuring a functional economy and society, avoiding the experience of lockdowns”.

As of 13 September, 80% of the adult population have received a COVID-19 jab, while 76% are fully vaccinated.

According to data released by the Health Ministry, vaccinations of underaged teenagers is pushing ahead, with 39.6% of those aged 16 and 17 having received one shot, 32.5% are fully vaccinated.

Some 24.1% of children aged 12 to 15 have been jabbed, while 13.4% are fully vaccinated.

Paphos continues to lead at a district level, with 90.9% of its adult population vaccinated with one dose.

Nicosia and Famagusta follow with 89.5% and Limassol with 78.5%.

Larnaca still trails with only 74.4% of its adult population rolling up its sleeves for a COVID-19 jab.

Meanwhile, the authorities have rolled out booster shots for people belonging to older age and vulnerable groups.

So far, 1,421 older adults residing in nursing homes have been vaccinated with a booster shot, while 500 who had an organ transplant surgery were given appointments for Wednesday.

Ministry officials are in the process of reaching out to cancer patients to arrange their booster shot appointment.

People infected with HIV will be given an appointment in the next few days.