COVID19: Jabs for Africa, not anti-vaxxers

Health authorities should stop wasting time and taxpayers’ money trying to convince unvaccinated Cypriots to get a COVID-19 jab and send vaccines where they are most needed, said a former government advisor.

COVID19: Booster jabs for over 70s

Cyprus health authorities pushed forward with their COVID-19 booster shot rollout reaching people aged 70 and above on Friday. Following strong interest from people over 75, the Health Ministry moved on to

COVID19: Cyprus jabs 80% of population

Reaching its August goal with a two-week delay, Cyprus vaccination rollout has now covered 80% of the adult population who have received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Achieving the 80% goal

COVID19: Booster jabs for the elderly, vulnerable

Cyprus will roll out booster COVID-19 jabs for the elderly and vulnerable groups urged by scientists arguing the evidence suggests their immunity is wearing off. According to Health Ministry sources, minister Michalis

COVID19: Cyprus jabs 77% of population

A total of 77.2% of the adult population has received a COVID-19 vaccination shot, and 71.8% are fully vaccinated, the Cyprus Health Ministry said. According to the ECDC, Cyprus is above the

COVID19: Cyprus jabs over 76% of population

Around 70% of the island’s adult population is now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and over 76% had one jab, said Cyprus’ Health Ministry on Friday. The rate of the fully vaccinated adult

COVID19: Cyprus achieves one million jabs

Cyprus has surpassed the benchmark of one million COVID-19 vaccinations in its race to achieve herd immunity against the virus, said Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas. On Wednesday, the minister visited the State

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