COVID19: Steep drop in infections among the vaccinated

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Cyprus’ vaccination rollout is starting to pay off, as the number of COVID-19 daily cases and hospital admissions among people from vaccinated age groups has dropped sharply.

According to data released by the Health Ministry, cases have dramatically increased in age groups still waiting to be vaccinated.

Almost 6 out of 10 cases recorded between 1-10 April involved people aged 19-50, therefore not yet vaccinated.

From a total of 4,737 cases, 1,008 (21.3%) concerned people aged 19-29, 907 (19.1%) were aged 30-39 and 707 (14.9%) aged 40-49.

Another 579 cases were in the age group 50-59, which the vaccination rollout reached earlier this week.

Among those vaccinated, the infection rate was much lower.

COVID cases involving those aged 70 and over were only 188, or 4% of the total reported in the first 10 days of April.

The ministry said 78% of people over 70 had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, 40% have received both doses.

Patients are getting younger, as the median age in COVID-19 hospital wards is 62.5. The median age of COVID-19 patients in ICU is now 60.

People of a younger age are exhibiting more severe symptoms than in the early stages of the pandemic, attributable to new variants of the virus.

“The data confirms the need to push forward with the vaccination rollout as fast as possible.

“Positive results in the reduction of cases and hospitalizations of people aged 70 and older, confirm how important vaccinating the population is for protection against the disease, and a return to more normal conditions as soon as possible,” a Health Ministry statement said.

It said vaccinations prevent severe illness and COVID-19 related deaths.

Currently, the Health Ministry’s vaccination plan is proceeding with younger ages, while at regular intervals, other older age groups can schedule their appointments if they have not done so.

Until Wednesday at 8 pm, the online vaccination portal is available for people aged 55 and 56.

On Thursday, authorities will be reopening online bookings for people aged 61-63 who did not make an appointment last time.

On Friday, vaccinations will be made available to those aged 53 and 54.