COVID19: Booster shots for over 83s

The Health Ministry announced on Thursday that COVID-19 booster shots will be available for people in Cyprus over the age of 83 as of Monday. Those above 83 will be administered a

COVID19: No deaths amid improving health data

Cyprus reported no coronavirus deaths on Tuesday for the fourth time this month, a turnaround from the record 80 toll recorded in August, amid improving data and increasing vaccinations. Health authorities are

COVID19: No deaths, infection rate low

Cyprus reported no coronavirus deaths for the second time this month, with a low figure of 153 new cases and 89 hospitalisations lowering the benchmark infection rate to 0.24%, far below the

COVID19: 1 death, ministry adjusts total

Cyprus reported one coronavirus death on Thursday, a drop in new daily infections and hospitalisations, at 124 and 97, respectively, while the death toll was adjusted to include undeclared cases mostly in

COVID19: 1 death, infection rate kept at 0.30%

Cyprus reported one coronavirus death on Wednesday, an increase in new infections to 230 and hospitalisations to 108, with the drastic increase in test lowering the infection rate to 0.30%. The health

COVID19: No deaths as cases drop to 100

Cyprus reported no coronavirus deaths for the first time in 18 days, with new cases dropping to 100, while hospitalisations rose slightly to 112, keeping the transmission rate relatively low. The health

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