COVID19: 40% of Cypriots tested in past two weeks

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Some 40% of Cyprus’ 900,000 population has undergone a rapid coronavirus test since the beginning of February, according to the Health Ministry.

Between February 1 to February 14, more than 402,000 people have undergone a free rapid coronavirus test.

Free testing programs were boosted earlier this month when the government obligated all those going to work to get tested before returning to their posts.

All active businesses are obliged to ensure that 20% of their staff present in the workplace are tested on a weekly basis.

“The aim of the programme is the continuous and real-time recording of the epidemiological situation of the country and responding to possible outbreaks in a timely manner,” the Health Ministry said.

Earlier on Monday, the ministry also said that thousands of domestic helpers and self-employed, such as electricians and plumbers, must also undergo a weekly examination, and be able to present it if asked by their clients.

More than 50 test sites are operating daily nationwide.

Mandatory weekly testing of personnel is as follows:

  • Businesses/services employing up to 3 people, all employees should be tested.
  • Businesses/services employing between 4 to 10 people, at least 4 employees should be tested.
  • Businesses/services employing more than 11 people, at least 4 people or 20% of employees should be tested, whichever number is higher.