COVID19: Two more cases found in Cyprus from contact tracing, both asymptomatic

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The Cyprus health authorities announced two new cases of SARS-CoV-2 on Sunday, both foreign nationals living in Cyprus and both asymptomatic.

This raises the total of Covid-19 infections to 1,509, with the new cases dwindling in numbers and remaining in single-digit figures.

The ministry of health said the two cases were discovered from 2,150 tests.

The first is an Indian national, a flat mate of another foreign resident who was tested positive on September 2. A second flat mate also tested positive on Saturday.

The second coronavirus case was a Ukrainian woman who was also asymptomatic. It seems that she conducted a Covid-19 test on the twelfth day of her quarantine, in order to secure the all-clear.

Authorities in Cyprus are somewhat relieved that cases of Covid-19 infections among incoming tourists are minimal, encouraging them to maintain strict limitations on arrivals from a number of countries that are considered medium or high-risk destinations.

According to reports from the island’s airports and tourist beaches, traffic seems to be on the up, with the catalyst being the current heatwave and record temperatures for August and September.