Covid-19 In Cyprus - Last 24h

Flag Country New Confirmed Total Confirmed New Deaths Total Deaths Total Recovered
Cyprus Cyprus +97 121546 +1 569 90755

Top 10 New Confirmed Cases - Last 24h

Flag Country Total Confirmed New Confirmed Chart Confirmed Total Deaths Chart Deaths
Belgium Belgium 1312360 +6682
Brazil Brazil 21711843 +14502
Germany Germany 4462324 +15093
India India 34159562 +16326
Malaysia Malaysia 2420222 +6630 28312
Netherlands Netherlands 2070597 +5868 18290
Russian Federation Russian Federation 8041581 +36205 224369
Ukraine Ukraine 2852109 +24721 67087
United Kingdom United Kingdom 8730787 +48992 139743
United States of America United States of America 45400466 +99422 735373

Covid-19 Worldwide - Last 24h

+296873 New Confirmed
242626974 Total Confirmed
+5879 New Deaths
4934772 Total Deaths
0 New Recovered
0 Total Recovered

Latest Covid 19 Cyprus News

COVID19: Two deaths as cases dip

Cyprus reported two coronavirus deaths on Saturday after four days without any COVID fatalities, while new cases and hospitalisation rates dropped. The

COVID19: Imported cases rise to 20%

Some 20% of COVID-19 cases recorded in recent weeks in Cyprus were imported, attributable to an influx of tourist arrivals and Cypriots

COVID19: Booster rollout for 60 plus

Cyprus health authorities are pushing forward with their COVID-19 booster shot rollout reaching down to people aged 60 while adding more vulnerable

COVID19: Cyprus welcomes ECDC upgrade

Cyprus’ Health Ministry is pleased with the country’s recent upgrading by the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) from the high-risk ‘red’

COVID19: Cases stable, no new deaths

Cyprus reported no coronavirus deaths for the third day in succession on Saturday, as daily cases and hospitalisations dipped slightly to 134

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