Covid-19 In Cyprus - Last 24h

Flag Country New Confirmed Total Confirmed New Deaths Total Deaths Total Recovered
Cyprus Cyprus 0 585313 0 1180 577651

Top 10 New Confirmed Cases - Last 24h

Flag Country Total Confirmed New Confirmed Chart Confirmed Total Deaths Chart Deaths
Brazil Brazil 34638288 +13861
France France 35381526 +76878
Germany Germany 33041332 +89282
Italy Italy 22313612 +10006
Japan Japan 21103798 +43531
Korea (South) Korea (South) 24673663 +39367
New Zealand New Zealand 1785945 +9782
Russian Federation Russian Federation 20533598 +39868
Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan 6278794 +28743
United States of America United States of America 96116204 +45224 1056789

Covid-19 Worldwide - Last 24h

+464094 New Confirmed
614099060 Total Confirmed
+1347 New Deaths
6532662 Total Deaths
0 New Recovered
0 Total Recovered

Latest Covid 19 Cyprus News

COVID19: Updated boosters for over 30s

Cyprus has lowered the age limit for administrating an updated second COVID-19 booster to cover everyone over 30, the Health Ministry announced.

COVID19: End of pandemic visible

The World Health Organisation’s belief that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is now in sight has Cypriot virologist Dr Peter Karayiannis

COVID19: Updated fourth jab rollout

Authorities will roll out a second booster shot against COVID-19 next week for everyone over 30 with updated vaccines, covering Omicron, said

COVID19: No more state testing sites

Health authorities have ditched the last remaining state COVID-19 testing points at shopping malls and supermarkets, arguing experts have a clear image

COVID19: President tests positive

President Nicos Anastasiades has tested positive for COVID-19, Cyprus government spokesperson Marios Pelekanos said on Tuesday. The news was also confirmed by

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