Cyprus to cool off as mid-August scorcher comes to an end

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The Department of Meteorology issued an ‘extreme high-temperature warning’ for Tuesday, probably the last one for a while, with maximum temperatures in Cyprus expected to soar to a scorching 40 degrees Celsius.

Hotter than usual weather is expected to continue on Wednesday and Thursday, but will remain below 40֯ C, as temperatures will reach a maximum 39֯ C.

A Met Office official told the Financial Mirror that Cyprus is accustomed to cooling off after the August 15 national holiday break, with inland temperatures averaging at 37֯ C.

Tuesaday’s weather warning for high temperatures was the fifth in a row since Friday, and the 63rd issued by the Department this year. The warning is in effect from 1 pm until 5 pm.

The Met Office said in its warning, “some health risks amongst vulnerable people, like the elderly and very young, is possible.”

People are advised to stay in the shade, avoid strenuous exercise outside, while vulnerable groups should remain indoors and keep cool.

Work at open construction sites should cease during the afternoon when it is hottest.

Maximum temperatures on Tuesday will rise to 40°C inland, range between 32-35°C in coastal areas and 32°C in the mountains.

Night-time temperatures will dip to 22°C inland and coastal areas, and a bit cooler at 18°C on higher ground.

Cyprus is set to cool off by the weekend as the Met Office said the weather will remain “mainly clear and hot” on Saturday but with temperatures lower than the week’s average.

Fire hazards remain high with the public urged to avoid actions and activities which may cause a fire.

The mid-August five-day scorcher follows Cyprus’ hottest July in the past 37 years.

Last month, Cyprus saw daily maximum temperatures reaching or even exceeding 40 degrees Celsius more times than in any other July since 1983.

The average daily maximum temperature in July was 39.7°C, with the island experiencing a series of week-long heatwaves with a high of 42°C.