Cyprus issues ‘amber alert’ for infernal Friday as inland temp to rise to 43C

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The Cyprus meteorological service issued an ‘orange alert’ for Friday, the 49th high temperature warning for this year, saying that temperatures will peak at 43 degrees Celsius inland and 35C in the mountains between 11am and 5pm.

The weather forecast said that a hot atmospheric mass is affecting the area, raising the temperature to 43C inland, 33C on the western coast and 37C in other coastal areas, and 35C in the mountains, giving the last day of July a scorching sendoff.

The Akrotiri Met Office said Friday would be “hot and dry with little cloud. Pretty breezy on coasts this afternoon.”

Friday evening will be generally clear, but some foggy conditions may prevail towards the morning, coming from the west. The night temperature should be cooler at 25C inland and along the southern and eastern coast, and 23C in other coastal areas.

The temperature will remain hot on Saturday, the first day of August, but should gradually cool down by Sunday and Monday, with some clouds possibly leading to light showers in the higher mountainous areas.