COVID19: Police warn against breaking Cyprus curfew

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Those who fail to comply with the decree restricting movement will face the consequences of the law, Justice Minister George Savvides told the Cyprus News Agency.

People are only allowed to travel if they are going to work in essential services, need to buy supplies, visit a doctor or pharmacy, or going to a bank if an online transaction is impossible.

Savvides said he is in constant contact with the police and given clear instructions to intensify the checks for compliance with the Ministry of Health decrees on Covid-19.

“The law must be obeyed by everyone.”

Government decisions, he added, must be strictly observed and no one has the right to ignore them.

He said that reckless behaviour constitutes a public health risk.

“Those who do not comply with the decrees will be reported and face the consequences of the law.”

He made it clear that infringements of the law can be immediately registered and be heard by the Courts despite the interim measures in place which limit judicial proceedings.

The Minister called on citizens to continue assisting the work of the Police and state law enforcement bodies, reporting any violations by calling 1460 or to their nearest police station.

“Respect and protection of public health are non-negotiable, by showing discipline we can cope with the current crisis,” Savvides said.

Police Chief Kypros Michaelides said: “We cannot let the irresponsibility of the few to endanger the health of the many.”

Michaelides said the police are ready to contain the spread of the virus and respond to the call of society to protect the life and health of its members.

He said police will have increased visibility on the streets making their presence felt either by providing help to citizens or carrying out rigorous checks.

British Bases

Authorities at the British Bases said the new measures introduced by the Republic of Cyprus to control the spread of the coronavirus will be implemented in the SBA areas.

A Bases spokesperson said: “British Forces Cyprus and the Sovereign Base Areas Administration can confirm that as of 6 pm Tuesday evening it will also implement the measures introduced by the Republic of Cyprus.”

“We will include restrictions on movement, the closure of public gathering spaces and the suspension of all but essential operational and business activity”.

It is essential, the spokesperson said, that the Bases and the Republic of Cyprus continue to work in-step with each other to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Violators will receive on the spot fines of €150 part any other legal action.