COVID19: Cyprus enforces restriction on movement

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In a bid to stop coronavirus getting out of control a Cyprus government decree comes into force from 6 pm Tuesday banning unnecessary travel until April 13.

People will only be allowed to travel if they are going to work in essential services, to needed buy supplies, visiting a doctor or pharmacy, or going to a bank if an online transaction is impossible.

Also exempted from the ban, are people who provide assistance to vulnerable groups and close family attending funerals, weddings, or baptisms, provided they do not exceed 10 people.

Exercising and walking a dog are also allowed as long as they do not exceed two people and they are restricted to the area around their residence.

Divorced parents visiting or transporting their children are also exempted from the ban.

People wanting to travel for the above-mentioned reasons may either carry proof of the purpose of travelling or send an SMS to 8998 and wait for a reply.

The service will be controlled by the Deputy Ministry of Innovation.

The government will also shut parks, play areas, open sports facilities, public meeting places – including squares, reservoirs, picnic areas, beaches, marinas, open markets and bazaars.

Everyone moving outside must carry their ID or passport and additional proof regarding their business.

Earlier decrees closed schools, universities, hotels, restaurants and Cyprus airports are also closed to incoming traffic.

Violators will receive on the spot fines of €150 part any other legal action.