Unemployed drops to 14,960

Cyprus unemployed decreased by 1,320 people in August, dropping by 8.1% compared to 12 months ago, data released Monday showed. But registered unemployment figures for July alone indicate a slight increase, compared to July

Annual unemployed drops 56%

In December, the number of registered unemployed in Cyprus dropped by an annual 55.7% to 14,800 people out of work. According to data published by the Statistical Service, compared to December 2020,

October registered unemployed dips 65%

The number of registered unemployed saw a big annual drop of 65% in October from 31,487 in 2020, attributed mainly to a thriving hotel, tourism and hospitality sectors, the Statistical Service reported

Over 33,000 registered unemployed in Cyprus

Registered unemployed in Cyprus spiked 32% (8,097) in 2020 compared to 2019 due to parts of the economy being shut down during the pandemic, according to official data released Thursday. The unemployed

Registered unemployed jumps 34.6%

Cyprus registered unemployed spiked 34% year on year in November reaching 32,968 with seasonally adjusted data showing a downward trend compared with October. According to government data, due the economy-crippling coronavirus pandemic


Cyprus unemployed nearly doubles in September

As the pandemic bites into the economy, the number of registered unemployment in September increased by 81% annually to 30,718 from 16,968 last year, according to the Cyprus Statistical Service. Registered unemployed

Registered unemployed shoots up 69%

Registered unemployed in Cyprus recorded a sharp annual increase of 69.2% in August compared to the same month last year due to the COVID pandemic, official data shows. Coronavirus travel restrictions have