Unemployed drops to 14,960

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Cyprus unemployed decreased by 1,320 people in August, dropping by 8.1% compared to 12 months ago, data released Monday showed.

But registered unemployment figures for July alone indicate a slight increase, compared to July 2021, according to the Statistical Service.

Jobless registered at District Labour Offices in August reached 14,961 persons.

Based on the seasonally adjusted data that show the trend of unemployment, the number of registered unemployed for August increased to 14,641 from 14,318 in July.

In comparison with August 2021, a decrease of 1,320 persons or 8.1%, was recorded.

It is attributed mainly to the sectors of trade, which was down by 656 persons, accommodation, and food service activities, which decreased by 547 and manufacturing by -110.

Transportation and storage noted a decrease of 109, and construction was down by 102 persons.

Unemployment among newcomers to the labour market also decreased by 201 people.