Business ‘death rate’ is 6.3%

The rate of “enterprise births” in Cyprus in 2021 stood at 10.2%, while the rate of “enterprise deaths” was 6.3%, according to data by Eurostat. It is the first time the statistical


Police refute coverup in 2012 road death

Cyprus police intervened to end speculation over an alleged cover-up of a teenager’s unresolved and forgotten road fatality in 2012, allegedly involving high-profile individuals. In a statement, the police refuted any attempt

Police confirm lowest road death tally

Cyprus recorded the lowest number of road deaths in 2022 since the establishment of the Republic in 1960, according to the police. With 2022 now over, Cyprus traffic police confirmed 37 deaths

Most work-related deaths in construction

Most fatal work-related accidents in Cyprus take place in the Construction sector due to a fall from height, according to an official study. The study investigates all work-related accidents over 20 years in Cyprus

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