COVID19: One more death as cases rise

Another person died of coronavirus on Saturday, as the number of new cases rose 24% to 295, but hospitalisations were unchanged. The Health Ministry said in its daily Covid bulletin that a

COVID19: One death, cases on downward slope

Coronavirus cases dipped to 213 on Saturday from 324 on more tests while hospitalisations were also slightly down, but there was another death. August is headed to become the deadliest month throughout

COVID19: One death, cases remain high

One person died of Covid-19 on Saturday, while Cyprus reported a 14% rise in new infections to 599 while hospitalisations dropped slightly to 285. The Health Ministry said in its daily bulletin

COVID19: One death, cases drop to 42

Cyprus reported another death attributed to COVID-19 on Saturday, with hospital admissions in decline and a slight decrease in new daily cases to 42 from 60. The Health Ministry said that a