One death, three in hospital from heatwave

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Three elderly people are in hospital, suffering from heatstroke, while the island reported its first fatality from heatwave Cleon, as temperatures reached 42 degrees Celsius Sunday.

Health authorities on Monday said three older people, aged 77, 78 and 80, were receiving treatment for heatstroke at state hospitals.

The latter is in a more serious condition, currently intubated at the Limassol General.

The news of the three elderly patients being treated for heatstroke comes just a day after health authorities reported the death of a 90-year-old man.

In comments to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the State Healthcare Services’ spokesperson Charalambos Charilaou urged the public to exert caution while noting that state hospitals are ready to treat people with heatstroke symptoms.

“Those who develop symptoms of heatstroke should contact their general practitioner for further instructions,” said Charilaou.

Common symptoms include headaches, fatigue, weakness, faintness, and difficulty breathing.

Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, high fever, diarrhoea, confusion, or loss of orientation.

Charilaou urged the public to remain cautious during the next week as temperatures are set to remain high.

“Vulnerable groups are people over 65, people with heart failure, people with chronic kidney or liver disease, people with a history of previous heat stroke, overweight people, people who work under high ambient temperature”.

Charilaou added that OKYPY urges the public to be especially careful, to be in a shady place, preferably an air-conditioned place, not to be in the sun for long hours, to hydrate, and to dress lightly.

“There is complete readiness, and we can respond adequately.”

Top temperatures on Sunday peaked at 42.3°C inland.

The island’s met office has warned that persistently high temperatures will continue despite Cleon’s influence over Cyprus subsiding from Monday.

Cyprus’ Met Office issued a yellow warning for extremely high nighttime and daytime temperatures.

According to the warning, temperatures could exceed 41°C on Monday.

Nighttime temperatures will not drop below 26°C inland, 25°C on the coasts and 21°C in the higher mountains.

Heatwave Cleon had arrived in Cyprus amid record-breaking temperatures globally.

July 4 was the hottest day ever recorded globally, while June was the hottest June across the globe since records began.

Cyprus’ warmest day in July was recorded in 2020, with a peak temperature of 44.6°C; this was equalled on Saturday.