Probe into wildcat Berton’s death

The death of Berton the Serval cat, while under state care, has prompted the intervention of Cyprus Attorney General George Savvides, who said allegations of animal abuse must be investigated immediately. “Respect


Mistakes led to commando’s death

A series of mistakes led to the freak accident that cost 27-year commando Panayiotis Yiannios his life, after falling to his death from a helicopter during a National Guard exercise, according to

Road death toll worsens

Fatal accidents are rising this year, with 13 people losing their lives on Cyprus roads, increasing 62.5% compared to the same period last year when eight died. The latest victim was a

COVID19: One death, cases drop below 2,000

Cyprus reported one coronavirus death on Saturday, with new daily cases dropping further to 1,764, while hospitalisations were 201, as the government braces for removing most restrictions on Monday. The Health Ministry