UK Bases probe child’s death in jet ski accident

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British Bases police are continuing investigations into a marine accident between two jet skis driven by Ukrainian parents that claimed the life of their 6-year-old daughter.

The incident occurred on Saturday evening off the coast at Lady’s Mile beach, where the girl had been on a yacht with her parents.

Reportedly, the 6-year-old girl was a passenger on a Jet Ski driven by her father. It is believed a second jet ski was driven by her mother with their eight-year-old son on board.

It is yet to be ascertained whether the girl died when the two jet skis collided or whether she fell off and was hit by the other jet ski.

The girl was ferried to shore on an inflatable boat and into an awaiting ambulance which rushed her to Limassol General.

A statement by hospital doctors said the girl succumbed to her injuries just before 8 pm Saturday due to heart failure.

Bases police, which has jurisdiction over the area, are looking into the circumstances under which the accident occurred, asking witnesses to come forward.

British Bases police are investigating how the collision between the two jet skis came about.

That is, if they collided head-on or if one suddenly stopped when the second one crashed into it.

The parents have not yet given a statement, as they suffered a nervous breakdown.

Evidence is also expected to be taken from the couple’s friends on the private yacht.

State medical examiner Angeliki Papetta is scheduled to conduct an autopsy on the cause of death.