Most work-related deaths in construction

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Most fatal work-related accidents in Cyprus take place in the Construction sector due to a fall from height, according to an official study.

The study investigates all work-related accidents over 20 years in Cyprus from 1999 to 2020.

According to the researchers, the goal is to use the survey’s findings to “explore our knowledge and better understand the combined factors that can lead to workplace accidents while revisiting our policy and actions as a country”.

The findings of the study, which examined 28,000 accidents, show that work-related accidents happen in the Processing sector (22.65%), Construction (20.5%), the hospitality sector (18.52%) and wholesale and retail trade (12.6%).

However, the stakes are much higher in the construction sector for fatal accidents, with a 38.36% rate.

Analysing the causes of the accidents, the research showed that 33% of them were due to a fall and involved men.

Another notable finding of the survey was that 1 in 14 workplace accidents and 1 in 8 fatal workplace accidents occur on a Saturday.

The study found that 45% of accidents in Accommodation and Catering Services involved 18–19-year-olds.

In the Construction sector, 50% of accidents involved people aged 65 and over.

For fatal accidents, 25% of 20–24-year-olds were from agriculture, forestry and fishing, while 40% were from construction.

Moreover, according to the findings, 77% of occupational accidents involved men, and the rate of fatal occupational accidents rose to 96%.

In addition, 43% of fatal accidents concern foreigners, with an increased probability of those coming from third countries.

Cyprus has the fifth lowest accident rate in the EU, recording 535 accidents per 100,000 people.

The Labour Inspection Department’s acting director Marios Kourtellis said that information on safety and health at work is a matter to which the government attaches great importance.